EuroHandels Ltd. is a company that was formed by a team of professionals to provide the highest standards in food logistics for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Catering Industry.

Together with our partners we serve more than 800 points of sales in Poland.

Our experience in this field enables us to offer you a personalized service, best prices and highest standard of business relation. Because of our flexibility and adaptability we are able to offer our customers just the right products for their needs.

We have european agents to serve EU customers and our Polish HQ support services for our polish customers. This way we ensure an excellent door-to-door service. We are focused on the development and delivery of customized, flexible solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations across the entire range of our products and services.

Customer care and satisfaction is our primary goal. It is our main priority to deliver best quality food products and catering solutions at a very affordable price.

We do not sell food but we deliver food solutions which fits your needs.